045: Identifying Clarity And Focus In Your Business with Justine Reichman


“I can’t do it alone. I have a great idea, but an idea without support, is just an idea.”

In this episode, Jay talks with serial entrepreneur, and founder of NextGen Chef, Justine Reichman about aligning passion, opportunity and impact so that entrepreneurs can find their operating sweetspots. Justine gives some killer advice around identifying clarity in your business model and a laser-focused understanding of who are you and what role you play in running your business. Justine also talks about the inspiration behind pursuing a heart-based business focused on driving social change, and so much more…


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NextGenChef is the brainchild of Justine Reichman, food afficianado, food activist, and food entrepreneur incubator. Committed to supporting food businesses who source ingredients from local and organic agriculture, the company is actively crafting a platform to encourage mainstream & widespread food businesses to work towards this regenerative philosophy that will dramatically benefit human and environmental health by reducing carbon footprint, increasing nutritional quality of food offerings, and decreasing the amounts of chemicals and pesticides in our soil and our food (and that’s just a few benefits) all while deliciously feeding local communities.


EP51: Just Go Grind - with Justine Reichman


- What NextGenChef does for chefs, food entrepreneurs, and consumers
- Why they give access to different mentors for their members
- Justine’s first venture on Global Arts For Humanity in Mexico
- Growing up with a family of entrepreneurs and being a third generation entrepreneur
- Making money and creating an impact through entrepreneurship
- Starting a B-corporation
- Running a recipe contest
- Issues in the food industry that Justine wants to help solve
- Planning and organizing events to give opportunities for food entrepreneurs
- How are they getting feedback for their events and the value of this in business
- The biggest challenges that Justine’s company has faced so far
- How Justine organizes her team
- Building an online platform to create an online community for foodpreneurs
- The importance of validating and researching your business idea before going into it

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